Getting Started

We’re glad you are interested in music lessons at our school. We have exceptional teachers and a state-of-the-art facility. We think you’ve made the right choice!

Our goal is to find the perfect teacher for you, and to find the most convenient time slot for you to take lessons. Here’s how we proceed:

  • First, we talk with you and discuss your goals.
  • We then recommend a teacher or ensemble for you and discuss available times for your lessons.
  • Next, we have you complete an enrollment form.
  • Finally, we confirm your time slot with the instructor and schedule your first lesson.

At this point, you may need to get a musical instrument for your lessons. Bronstein Music rents and sells many instruments, and we are always glad to assist you with your music requirements.

The following pages contain detailed information on choosing an instrument, signing up for private lessons, group lessons, or ensembles, and information about our tuition, registration, and school policies.