In business terms, what our teachers have to "sell" is their time and the knowledge gained from years of study and performance.

We respect the commitment our students make to music study, and the teachers are genuinely interested in providing the best possible instruction. We ask in turn that our students respect the fact that they have reserved a particular date and time with their teacher.

It is important that all of our students know our studio policies as they are listed below:

  1. The one-time enrollment fee is charged only at the initial registration.

  2. Tuition fees are paid monthly, at the first lesson of the month, for the lessons in that month. Fees are paid directly to the teacher by cash or check. Please make checks payable to your instructor.

  3. Students are expected to attend every lesson. The student assumes responsibility for any circumstances that cause them to miss a lesson without giving 24 hours advance notice.

  4. If a lesson must be canceled, the student must call the teacher directly and a make-up lesson will be scheduled. If the teacher is unable to schedule a make-up, a credit will be given in the next month's tuition. Students who miss a lesson and do not call 24 hours in advance, whatever the reason, will be charged and no make-up lesson will be given.

  5. Students should call the store only for last minute cancellations (chargeable) as a common courtesy to their teacher. Teachers are generally unavailable at the store because they are currently conducting a lesson, or they are not scheduled to teach at that time.

  6. In the event of extreme emergency (e.g., sudden hospitalization), charges for late cancellations are left to the discretion of the instructor.

  7. If a student wishes to discontinue their lessons, 24 hours advance notice must be given to the teacher, or the student will be billed for the lesson as a missed appointment. The student must specify that they are discontinuing their studies, not just canceling one lesson.