Santoor teachers

Ali Zarrin

Available for lessons on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday

Ali Zarrin, Santoor teacher

Ali Zarrin started learning Santour with Parviz Meshkatian for four years at age fourteen covering both radifs of Abolhasan Saba and Mirza Abdollah.  He then spent seven years studying the Radif under Majid Kiani.  He also benefited for two years from Ali Asghar Bahari studying his instrumental and vocal repertoire.  He has been teaching the Radif since 1987.  His musical activities include performances and workshops in the United States and Canada.

Background information

Santoor is a trapezoid shaped instrument, made from aged walnut, with 72 strings (18 sets of four), over small adjustable bridges.  There are two types of strings, brass and steel.  The steel strings that pass over the bridges at the left are the high notes and brass strings at the right are low notes.  The adjustable bridges divide the strings in a way to produce a range of three octaves. The brilliant sound of Santoor comes from light wooden hammers striking many strings. Variants of Santoor are found through out the world, including North America (Hammered dulcimer), China (Yang qin), Hungary (Cymbalon), India (Santoor) among others.

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