What to expect

Success in music study has two simple basic requirements:

  1. Daily practice
  2. Consistent lesson attendance


A daily practice routine is essential to improving a student's music skills. It's better to practice a little every day than to practice a lot every few days.

Organize your practicing. Set aside time for the various assignments given by your teacher -- such as technical exercises, learning new music, practicing your repertoire, sight reading, preparing for performances, reading about music, improvising, etc.

Be sure you have a quiet place to practice, and that your instrument is in good working order.

Lesson Attendance

Every musician has an occasional week when they don't practice enough. DO NOT cancel a lesson because of this. You will need the guidance of the weekly lesson even more to stay on the right track, both in the basics and fine points of playing.

It's a good idea to arrive a few minutes early before each lesson, to insure you're on time, and to have a minute to relax and focus your concentration before you start.

We don't expect our students to do everything perfectly, but just to do their best. We believe that lessons should be enjoyable.