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Roland Lucina AX-09

List: $699.00
Price: $299.99
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01.Yamaha Synthetic Rotor Oil
02.Slide-O-Mix Large Bore Slide Cleaner
03.Slide-O-Mix 2 Step Slide Oil
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No. 7318

Micro Brand: Baritone Snake
Model# No. 7318

Clean the inside of your Baritone Horn with ease! Use the Micro brand snake cleaner to get all of the inside tubing you couldn't get without it. Heavy-duty nylon and wound wire make this a durable, long-lasting product!

Price: $8.67

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No. 7319

Micro Brand: French Horn Snake
Model# No. 7319

Clean the inside of your FrenchHorn with ease! Use the Micro brand snake cleaner to get all of the inside bore you couldn't get without it. Heavy-duty nylon and wound wire make this a durable, long-lasting product!

Price: $8.09

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Selmer Liquid Slide Cream
Model# 2922SG

Selmer Liquid Slide Cream provides excellent lubrication for your trombone slide. A mix of slide cream and oil bring together the best of both worlds for comfortable playing.

Price: $3.95

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2 Step Treatment

Slide-O-Mix 2 Step Slide Oil
Model# 2 Step Treatment

The Slide-O-Mix two-step trombone slide treatment has been a very popular lubricant for trombonists all over the world. It has become a well known product in which many players trust for dependability, ease of use, unsurpassed smooth action,...

Price: $18.00

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Slide-O-Mix Large Bore Slide Cleaner
Model# Blue

The Slide-O-Mix slide cleaner provides unsurpassed cleaning abilities for your trombone slide. The kit includes a shaped terry cloth towel that slides over a cleaning rod, which is fitted with a screw-on, flexible nylon brush to clean out any...

List: $52.00
Price: $41.60

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Valve Oil

Slide-O-Mix Valve Oil
Model# Valve Oil

The popular Slide-O-Mix formulation now available for piston valved instruments! Slide-O-Mix provides fantastic lubrication for trumpets, cornets, flugelhorns, baritones, and tubas. Oil less-often with Slide-O-Mix to produce smooth, defined...

Price: $7.80

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Slide-O-Mix Water Sprayer
Model# Sprayer

Need a water spray bottle for use with Slide-O-Mix slide treatments? Look no further, as this water sprayer gives you the coverage you need in a conveinient brand matched container. (10ml)

Price: $5.00

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Trombotine Slide Lubricant
Model# Trombotine

Trombotine provides excellent lubrication and protection for your trombone's slide. Just apply to the inner slide and Trombotine will perform effortlessly with minimal application.

Price: $7.75

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Yamaha Synthetic Rotor Oil
Model# YAC RO

Yamaha Synthetic Rotor Oil provides excellent, long-lasting lubrication on all brass instruments with rotary valves. Great for your french horn, or any brass instrument with rotor valves.

Price: $10.95

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Zaja Dri-Case Reusable Sorbent Box
Model# Dri-Case

DRI-CASE™ will remove the moisture (and thus prevent corrosion, red rot, cracked corks and pads...) in a sealed 3 cubic ft. area. A safe is a good example of a sealed area as is a tool box with a gasket. When used in a sealed area, the...

Price: $6.95

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