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Bronstein Music offers repair services for all band and orchestra instruments, guitar, bass, ukulele, and electronics. Free estimates are available. Instruments needing repair may be left or picked up during regular store hours.

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Jeff Cotton:
Guitar, Amp, Electronics, String Repair

Jeff got his musical start in the 4th grade – he learned how to play clarinet and continued with it for 8 years. In high school, he played the French horn and also learned how to play the guitar. Moving to California from his native New Hampshire, Jeff attended the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, where he honed his guitar skills. Today he plays acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and mandolin in a couple of local bands. He also works part-time as a sound technician at the Hotel Utah and other local venues.

Jeff has been repairing musical instruments for as long as he can remember, starting with his own guitars. He started working at Bronstein Music in 2005 and is now responsible for string repairs, electronics repairs, and keyboard repairs. To say that Jeff is versatile is understating the point. On any given day, you can find Jeff restringing a guitar or bass, fixing a violin, viola, cello or string bass, or reading a schematic for an electronic musical instrument – and that’s all before lunch!

Ron Graham:
Woodwind and Brass Repair

A native of San Francisco, Ron was raised in Pleasanton where he attended Amador Valley High School. His parents, both pianists, taught him piano at an early age. Be began playing clarinet in 4th grade and added alto saxophone in high school.

Ron matriculated to San Francisco State University where he earned a Bachelor of Music with an emphasis in Saxophone Performance. By his early college years, he had started playing professional music engagements. He led his own jazz quintet “Cornet Pocket” in venues in and around San Francisco. Performances credits include the Monterey Jazz Festival, the San Francisco Opera Orchestra, and tours abroad with Merl Saunders (Grateful Dead) and Don Carlos (Black Uhuru).

It turns out that Ron is a “triple threat” – not only does he play music, but he’s been a music teacher, and is now a musical instrument repair technician. He began to work at Bronstein Music in 1991 as a woodwind teacher, something he did for 15 years. In 2000, Ron began to repair instruments, and by 2005 that had become his full-time job. Today Ron repairs all woodwind and brass instruments.

Sergey Lipovetsky
Woodwind and Brass Repair

Growing up in Moscow, Sergey had the good fortune to be exposed to great classical music, and his personal and professional interests followed suit. He began playing violin and classical guitar when he was 14. He studied music in school and privately, and continued these studies in college. He taught classical guitar after college.

Sergey entered a technical university in Moscow and studied mechanical engineering and drafting and design. He had also learned woodworking and fine metal working in school. His skills, training, and interest in early music led him to a career as a musical instrument maker with specific interest in period instruments. Starting as a hobby at first, he apprenticed with a violin maker and guitar maker, where he learned to build his own tools, make his own varnish and finishes, and do all of the woodworking necessary to build Baroque and Renaissance instruments – lutes, Baroque guitars, and historical violins. His work often started with logs (literally!) and, through laborious hand work, ended up as finished musical instruments. He became a member of the Russian Guild of Instrument Makers as a lute and guitar maker. He also repaired viola de gambas, historical violins, and recorders.

When he was in his 30’s, Sergey moved to the United States. He apprenticed with a band instrument repair technician and learned how to repair brass and woodwinds. Given his background, it came naturally to him. Sergey ran his own instrument repair business prior to moving to the Bay Area. He has been featured in TV and magazine interviews and is a member of the American Guild of Instrument Makers.

Music performance is still part of Sergey’s life. He plays classical guitar and 10-string guitar in a flute and guitar duo. He also plays the recorder. He has played as an accompanist for Flamenco dancers, and in a wide variety of other settings. Sergey is truly the “Renaissance man” at Bronstein Music.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Bronstein Music also offers ultrasonic cleaning for brass instruments. This system will easily accommodate trumpets, trombones, baritones, sousaphones and tubas. This system cleans quickly and eliminates the need for strong acids.

Here is a video demonstration.

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