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Bronstein Music
Bronstein Music was founded by Milton & Celia Bronstein on February 9, 1946. Milton Bronstein was a very fine trumpet player born and raised in Petaluma, California. He would travel to San Francisco by ferry boat, (the Golden Gate Bridge hadn't been built) to take trumpet lessons on the weekends. He had landed the dream job of playing on a cruise ship when World War II broke out.
He joined the Army Band and was assigned to General Patton's Army Unit in North Africa Campaign, Anzio, and Monte Casino. Mr. Bronstein led the 6th Army Band, saving his cigarette and liquor allotment for the future.
After the war, Milton and Celia were married and Milton finished his teaching credential at Mills College and tried teaching music for one year in Oroville, CA. He then decided to go into the retail music business, using the money he had saved during the War.
At the time, the production of musical instruments was practically nonexistent. The main product to sell was records and record players. The large publishers, Warner Bros., RCA, and Columbia controlled distribution. Columbia offered the Bronstein's the rights to South San Francisco sales, thus the location of their new store was established
Their first customer was a small boy named Buddy Powers. Buddy walked into the store with a can of change, dumped it on the counter, and proclaimed his intention to buy a trumpet. Mr. Bronstein found Buddy a trumpet and gave him his first lesson. Buddy went on to be a renowned commercial musician working extensively with Woody Herman.
Over the years Bronstein Music changed with the ever evolving music industry, selling sheet music, records, record players, stereos, televisions, transistor radios, organs, pianos, band instruments, hair dryers, refrigerators...
In 1968 Don Edwards and Rich Welker, two high school students, were hired as part-time help. The Bronsteins maintained a policy of hiring high-school and college students to man the store. They would allow the student/help to take on as much responsibility as they could handle, and to a large degree, the part-time help did everything from sales, to delivery, cleaning, repair, and collections.
In 1981, the Bronsteins retired, selling the store to Rich and Don. At the time the store no longer sold TV's or stereos. Organs had been dropped, but we still sold acoustic pianos as well as band instruments, combo gear, and sheet music. A large portion of the business was rental of combo gear.
Bronstein Music has continued to change as the music business has evolved. School Band and Orchestra support has become a vital part of our business and with continued support of combo bands and private music education.
Over the years, thousands of customers have made Bronstein Music their supplier of musical instruments and support. Several generations have grown up with Bronstein Music. Such greats as Janis Joplin, John Fogerty, The Pointer Sisters, Jethro Tull, Wynton Marsalis and many more have come to us for their needs.

Bronstein Music has become truly global. Our remarkable inventory of professional level instruments has made us quietly famous throughout the world as a source of exceptional product at an affordable price with expert advice. We have customers in: Japan, Singapore, Mexico, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Ireland, Great Britain, Spain, South Africa, Poland, Israel, New Zealand, Australia, France, Sweden, Netherlands, Denmark, Russia, and many states throughout America.