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Flute - H (Month to Month)

Price: $48.00
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Rental Program
Bronstein Music has a wide assortment of instruments available for rent.
We offer two rental programs: a Rent-To-Own program and a Rent-To-Rent program. Both are designed to keep your child playing music, and both include low monthly payments and an easy automatic payment system.
There is no obligation to buy.

Disclaimer: Local rentals only please.

Rent-To-Own Program

Here are the features of the Rent-To-Own program:

  • 80% of your rent applies to the purchase price of the instrument set at the time of rental.
  • 20% covers all repairs not caused by abuse or negligence.
  • Three month minimum. Two months due in advance.
  • Six months of the rent on a used instrument can apply towards the conversion/purchase of a new instrument.

Rent-To-Own Rates

Instrument Monthly Rates
Flute, Clarinet, Trombone $24.00 to $28.00
Trumpet, Percussion Kit $24.00 to $28.00
Alto Saxophone $39.50 to $51.00
Tenor Saxophone $45.00 to $63.00
Double French Horn $69.00 to $98.25
Baritone Horn & Euphonium $49.00 to $59.00
Tuba $80.00 to $100.00
Piccolo $25.00
Bass Clarinet $72.00
Violin (Full size) & Viola (14" to 16") $20.00 to $26.00
Cello (Full size) $39.50

Rent-To-Rent Program

Here are the features of the Rent-To-Rent program:

  • Three month minimum. Two months due in advance.
  • These rental instruments are not for sale.

There are two categories of Rent-To-Rent instruments: small sized orchestral instruments and specialized wind instruments. Here is the rental information for these two categories.

Small Sized Orchestral Instrument Rental Rates

Instrument Monthly rates
Violins: 1/16 to 3/4 $15.00
Violas: 12" to 13" $15.00
Cellos: 1/2 and 3/4 $33.50

Because your child will outgrow the smaller sized instruments, we don't offer them through rent-to-own programs. The rates are likewise reduced to make learning more affordable. When your child grows to be able to play the full sized instrument, we will apply up to 6 months of your rent to that purchase.

Specialized Wind Instruments Rental Rates

Instrument Monthly rates
Student Oboe * $39.50
Conservatory oboe ** $85.00
Single French Horn * $39.50

* These are "Stepping-Stone" instruments designed to get your child started, but wouldn't necessarily be appropriate to own.

** Conservatory Oboes are very expensive. The rental rates to rent-to-own would be prohibitively high.

We proudly represent:
Armstrong, Azumi, Bach, B&S, Burkart Flutes, Conn, CXL by Jupiter, Di Zhao Flutes, Eastman, Gemeinhardt, Wm. Haynes Flutes, Image, Jean Eric, Jupiter, Kanstul Brass, King Brass, Monette, Selmer, and Yamaha.

Please note:

Online rentals are available for Cupertino elementary schools, St. Francis Schools, La Entrada School, and Half Moon Bay schools.

Here are some documents that you can download and print:

Rental brochure (PDF)

Rent-to-own agreement (PDF)

Rent-to-rent agreement (PDF)