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P. Mauriat PMXT-66RCL

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Price: $3,667.23
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Rental Program
Bronstein Music has a wide assortment of instruments available for rent.
We offer two rental programs: a Rent-To-Own program and a Rent-To-Rent program. Both are designed to keep your child playing music, and both include low monthly payments and an easy automatic payment system.
There is no obligation to buy.

Disclaimer: Local rentals only please.
Here are the features of the Rent-To-Own program:
  • 85% of your rent applies to the purchase price of the instrument set at the time of rental.
  • 15% covers all repairs not caused by abuse or negligence.
  • Three month minimum. Two months due in advance.
  • Six months of the rent on a used instrument can apply towards the conversion/purchase of a new instrument.

Rent-To-Own Rates

Instrument Monthly Rates
Flute, Clarinet, Trombone $24.00 to $28.00
Trumpet, Percussion Kit $24.00 to $26.50
Alto Saxophone $39.50 to $49.00
Tenor Saxophone $45.00 to $57.50
Double French Horn $69.00 to $98.25
Baritone Horn & Euphonium $49.00 to $59.00
Tuba $80.00 to $98.00
Piccolo $25.00
Bass Clarinet $68.00 to $79.00
Violin (Full size) & Viola (14" to 16") $20.00 to $26.00
Cello (Full size) $39.50
Here are the features of the Rent-To-Rent program:
  • Three month minimum.
  • These rental instruments are not for sale.
  • Six months of rent can apply towards the eventual purchase of a new instrument.

There are two categories of Rent-To-Rent instruments: small sized orchestral instruments and specialized wind instruments. Here is the rental information for these two categories.

Small Sized Orchestral Instrument Rental Rates

Instrument Monthly rates
Violins: 1/16 to 3/4 $15.00
Violas: 12" to 13" $15.00
Cellos: 1/2 and 3/4 $33.50

Because your child will outgrow the smaller sized instruments, we don't offer them through rent-to-own programs. The rates are likewise reduced to make learning more affordable. When your child grows to be able to play the full sized instrument, we will apply up to 6 months of your rent to that purchase.

Specialized Wind Instruments Rental Rates

Instrument Monthly rates
Student Oboe * $39.50
Conservatory oboe ** $85.00
Single French Horn * $39.50

* These are "Stepping-Stone" instruments designed to get your child started, but wouldn't necessarily be appropriate to own.

** Conservatory Oboes are very expensive. The rental rates to rent-to-own would be prohibitively high.

We proudly represent:
Armstrong, Azumi, Bach, B&S, Burkart Flutes, Conn, CXL by Jupiter, Di Zhao Flutes, Eastman, Gemeinhardt, Wm. Haynes Flutes, Image, Jean Eric, Jupiter, Kanstul Brass, King Brass, Monette, Selmer, and Yamaha.


Online rentals are available for Cupertino elementary schools, St. Francis Schools, La Entrada School, and Half Moon Bay schools.

Here are some documents that you can download and print:

Rent-To-Own brochure (PDF)

Rent-To-Own contract (PDF)


Rent-To-Rent brochure (PDF)

Rent-To-Rent contract (PDF)