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Getting Started

So your student has decided to join the school band and wants to play the baritone horn or euphonium! We here at Bronstein Music can help!

Instrument Purchases

The simplest way to secure an instrument for your student is to purchase one. While it may be tempting to look online and purchase a very inexpensive instrument, we highly discourage this. Many of these low-cost instruments can have many problems and it might cause frustration for your student, leading them to abandon their musical journey. Here at Bronstein Music, we only select tried and tested brands that our staff, BMS teachers, and local school teachers have approved.

The brands we carry for baritone horn and euphonium rentals and purchases are Eastman and Jupiter.

We do have new baritone horn and euphoniums in stock and limited stock of used instruments. Please call for pricing and availability.


Instrument Rentals

Interested in doing a rental instead? We can do that too!

Rent-To-Own Program

Baritone horn and euphoniums are a rent-to-own instrument and can rent from $49 to $59 per month.

We have new and used baritone horn and euphoniums available for rent! While it may be tempting to rent a shiny new baritone horn or euphonium for your student, our used instruments are a great option as well! We offer a discounted rent-to-own price on used instruments and every previously-loved horn we rent has gone through our repair shop. They are serviced, cleaned, and the mouthpiece is sterilized and ready to be played by your student.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a baritone horn and euphonium?

While they look and sound very similar and usually have the same part, they are in fact two different instruments! The baritone horn generally has a smaller bore and features cylindrical tubing (this means the tubing stays the same size until it reaches the bell). The euphonium has a slightly darker sound and is a conical instrument (the tubing gets progressively wider as it gets closer to the bell). Some teachers have a preference in which one to start with, so check with your instructor on which one your student should learn to play.

What if my student really wants a new instrument after we rent a used one?

No worries! We can apply up to six months of your rental credit toward the purchase of a brand new instrument. This only applies if you start your rental with a used instrument.

What do you provide with the rental?

We provide a mouthpiece, valve oil, and a case for your horn. We also have slide grease and other cleaning equipment available for purchase as well.

Can I only do a rent-to-rent?

All of our horns are automatically rent-to-own and you are under no obligation whatsoever to rent it to term. You can return the instrument anytime after the initial three month minimum.

Do you have the book/stand/accessory that we need?

Yes! We have the most popular band books for our area, along with music stands, and everything else on your list.