Thanks for 72 Musical Years!

To all of our wonderful customers:

We thank you for all of the support and memories that we have received on the Everything South City Facebook post, emails, and people walking through the door. We would like to address some questions that have been asked:

  • Yes, the Bronstein Music retail store and school at 363 Grand Avenue will be closing towards the end of April.
  • Yes, we will be having a big liquidation sale starting on March 1st, 2018.
  • Yes, the reason that we are closing is because we are starting to step back and retire from the music retail scene.

  • BUT WAIT. Bronstein Music is not totally going away forever! While we will be closing the doors on the retail store and school, the repair shop, limited rental program, and commercial school service will be continuing! We will be moving to a small location just down the street from where we are currently so that we can continue to serve the musical community, though in a diminished capacity.  We will communicate the new address as soon as we relocate the repair shop late in March.

    If you have a rental contract, that will be continuing as if nothing has changed. All terms of the contract will remain in force. We will still be repairing instruments as normal as well. School instrument repairs, rentals, and walk-ins will still be done as usual.

    As much as we'd like to say that we're fully retiring, we're not quite there at this point, but we are getting close. 

    Thanks again,
    Don and Rich